Big box fruit trees in short supply this season

I’ve been looking around Home Depots recently for some blueberries. So far, they’ve only had the 1 gal sized plants ($8 at one HD, $11 at the other). I know in the past, I’ve seen the 1 gallon blueberries there for $4-5 on sale (mid-spring, not even at the end of the season). I want to find some larger ones, like they had last spring. I got some 5 gallon ones for instant landscaping ($30).

Both HD’s had lots of trees. The first one I went to, in Fairfield CT, had at least 5 sections full of trees. Here’s a pic. They had a decent mix of varieties (Gala, Honeycrisp, Winesap, etc). What surprised me is that they had at least two kinds of Apricots (Tilton and Morepark, I think), something I hadn’t noticed any of at HD before.

The 2nd Home Depot, in Norwalk had lot, but not quite as many trees. More interestingly, they had 4 in 1 multigrafts. I didn’t go through all the varieties, but they had both apples (with varieties like Yellow Transparent, Honeycrisp, etc) and plums. The one I examined had Shiro, Santa Rosa, Itallian, and Blue Damson. They were more expensive ($60), but that isn’t a bad price for a 4:1 of this size.

Your HD seem more well stocked than ours. Mine had the multi graft, but the branching on them was horrible and to my eye to low.

Bob’s first picture shows the green bagged bare-root trees for about the same price they had them here last year. The potted trees look about the same price as well. If I remember correctly, the bare-root trees came from a nursery in Connecticut.

Lowe’s and a local farm supply still had potted 3 gallon trees for around $23. Only Lowe’s had peaches.

Walmart actually had some fruit trees this year. They are big too! The pears looked 7’ tall and 1.25" diameter trunk. They are in 4.5 gallon pots. The varieties are old standards like honeycrisp, braeburn, cortland, bosc, bartlet, ect… nothing to get too excited about.

To me, it is a good deal as “Red apples” and “yellow apples” at HD and Lowe around here cost $29.95.

I would buy a well branched one (hpoefully not root bound). I would use it to graft new varieties on, too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Walmart potted trees are actually bare-root trees stuffed in pots with light medium, rather than true potted trees. I’ve seen that trick before.

I also stopped at HD and they have the same bagged bare-root trees again for $22.95. This year they don’t have any plums, but they have peaches instead. They also have the cheaper Vigoro potted trees this year. I wouldn’t buy any of these unless I could confirm they weren’t outside earlier this week when it was below 10ºF for most of the night.

Justcmebk fro HD.this is thefirttieIsaw fruit trees i green bags. They are all marked down to $16.95. I am suspecious why.

they are also those in Vigoro pots.

It was the first time I saw espeliered apple trees at HD. They are two tiers with a sign said 4 way combo. I could not find the price tag, only a tag says McIntosh apple. Not sure why 4 way combo has only McIntosh tag.

I will see what those trees would be like after this weekend.

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Let me take a stab at it and see how close I am! I think it was supposed to say , Just came back from HD. This is the first time I saw fruit trees in green bags !

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I wonder if that is because they were left outside during this weeks freezes. If they were kept above 20ºF, it could be a good deal. Below 20ºF is bad for roots. Although, I think it is not necessarily fatal until into the single digits and below.

Last year I got a Santa Rosa for half off ($11.50). When I first saw the shipment, I had to laugh because they had 3 pallets of Santa Rosa. First, it isn’t a good introductory variety for this region. Few people grow stone fruits around here due to unfavorable conditions. Second, one pallet would have been sufficient. How are they going to get rid of 3? I figured someone must have made mistake and they would eventually get marked down. I was right. :grin:

I wondered that myself as this is the beginning of the season. No one would marked things down like that.

It was 16 and 17 F last Sun and Mon with snow.

I saw Belle of Georgia peach, too. I don’t think it would be good to grow it here.

I never really understood all the discussion of trees at big box stores until you posted these pictures. In the SF East Bay, all the big stores have maybe a couple dozen trees at most… and there’s usually only a handful of cultivars to choose from.

Wow. So many trees.

Last year HD had a selection of multigraphed trees for$49.99. I didn’t think they would sell them all and I was right. They went on sale for half price - sort of. They changed the sticker price to 59.99 and then put up a 1/2 price sign. Still a good deal, $30 for a 5 way apple big enough to be flowering this year. This year they have even more of them.

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Chris, take a short trip to San Rafael or Brentwood, you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Today I visited Lowe’s store. Most of the fruit trees are selling at $22.99, about the same as last year. It also carries peach, cherry and apple. I do not see any difference vs last last year’s.

It is still early of the season. I’m sure they will get more trees in.

My local HD had Feijoa Nazemetz which I bought promptly. They also had Coolidge. For Pomegranates, they had a good sized Parfiankas. Then some varieties of Macadamia and some unknown to me fruit/nut.

My local Lowes had multiple crates of dwarf and standard citrus. Too bad, they were just the common Meyer, Washington Navel, Owari Satsuma and Dancy mandarins.

Look what I found at home depot. DWN Flavor king! $70. 50% off for $35. No I didn’t buy it. Have one already. Shocked to see DWN trees here. They are on myro 29c