Big box store fails


10% (Lowes, possibly HD too) coupons are a couple of bucks on Ebay… Any time I have a need to purchase $100 worth or more, I get one. Arrives as a PDF a few minutes after purchase, print, hand to cashier…


Do yourself a favor. If you’re going through that much trouble and shopping online to pick up, use this sucker:


Last year a local Walmart had 100 or so fruit trees outside in April. A frost warning was issued one night I happened to be shopping there. I went to try to see if they had any trees I couldn’t live without and I couldn’t find them. I asked an employee who called a manager who told me to meet him by automotive. They had moved all of their STILL DORMANT trees inside their automotive department to protect them from frost damage. It’s great that they cared, but I wonder how much time they wasted moving those trees in and out.


Heh… Thanks!


I am finding that I have a lot of mislabeled trees this year that were planted last year. I have two TruGold peach trees that came from Lowes (Garden Alive Nursery) that definitely are not TruGold Peach trees. I have one Home Depot Red Haven that is definitely not a Red Haven. I have a SureCrop Peach that was bought at a reseller in NC that is very suspect that it is a SureCrop peach. I ordered a Red Haven Peach from Stark Bros to replace the mislabeled Red Haven peach bought at Home Depot and got a Benton Dwarf Cherry (It was labeled properly just not what I ordered) as a replacement. When this type of thing happens you start losing trust … The good news is that I went to Lowes yesterday and they have agreed to take back the TruGold peach trees.


No such luck in TN. :frowning:


Keep watching…on the website it tells that they are doing a graded release. Most southern states first and working northward.

Future shipments will include central and northern states April - May. Stay tuned for future emails to come!

Stores are expected to receive our Dunstan chestnut trees, grafted female American persimmons, Oriental Persimmons and wildlife pear trees (either Dr. Deer pear or Thanksgiving pear).