Big Ed Orange x Grapefruit hybrid

I usually leave some citrus fruits on the tree and then wait for them to fall off and take note as they keep on the tree. Usually, it is recommended to harvest the citrus fruits as soon as they’re ready as the tree goes into the next fruiting season. Not me, I have too much citrus fruits so I typically would want to know what happens if I keep them long on the tree.

Big Ed Orange x Grapefruit hybrid has been ready to eat in January of this year, it is one of the most flavorful and sweetest grapefruits that I grow. I left some on the tree and now they started to regreen. So I have sampled one this morning I was surprised that it is sweeter than ever and still very juicy. It is now sweeter than my sweetest oranges and mandarins and has complex flavors with a grapefruit finish. It’s an excellent keeper on the tree if it doesn’t fall off! This one I plucked off the tree for sampling with our special visitors. I still have one more hanging on the tree, waiting for it to fall.


Any idea where to source this variety? Tree or budwood?