Big Horse Creek Farm fall 2016 inventory now available

Hey gang, BHCF just went live last night with their fall 2016 inventory. A great place for hard to find heirloom apple trees but the quantities are very limited.

Big Horse Creek Farm fall 2016 inventory


Thanks for the post Chris. I was going to now that I’m home for lunch but you bet me to the punch. I sent an order to them early this morning just before going to work. I told them I wanted three trees on bud-9 being Kentucky Limbertwig, Moyer’s Spice and Virginia Beauty.

When you get your Kentucky Limbertwig to finally produce its first apples someday, we will expect a full report on their flavor.

I tried grafting it this past year, but the scion did not take.


Hahaha…you’ll get a full report when that day comes as long as they received my order using their contact page on the website. They only had one and don’t know if I was first in line for it since I have yet to hear back from them. BTW…I flunked grafting 101 this spring with a 0 for 3 take rate using plum scions and K1 rootstock!

I will say plums in my experience are a lot iffier than apples; if the cuts are good and the plum rootstock is pushing i probably get 90%, but it drops is the cuts are sloppy or the rootstock is compromised in any way much faster than apples…