Big pimpin Arizona peaches!

Check out the article that just came out.


Nice writeup!

Link didn’t work for me.

I just removed the querystring from the URL. I’m not sure why that was breaking it- maybe too long for the GF site?

You are getting a ton of production out of 1.5 acres. I can’t imagine doing that on only 3X the land from my yard. I guess you get a lot more solar energy per sq ft there :slight_smile:

The mention of SRP irrigation is interesting. It sounds like you can request that they flood your land through the use of canals. How often do you get that done? Are you able to form holding pools (maybe with a reflective cover to keep evaporation down) with the water, or must it be used immediately?


Very cool! Sounds like a lot of work but rewarding! Wish they had included more pictures of your trucks…we’ve seen several of them here. Nice article though.

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Super fun, great job building such an awesome family farm.

Another happy couple that met in band! :trumpet::cupid::saxophone:

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Glad to know more about how it all started for you. Happy to read about your successful business.

Wish there were more pictures to go with the story.

Thanks, @BobVance for making it easier for us to read the article.

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Hey Bob,

Yes we get alot of production out of our 250 trees that we grow in high density. The Salt River Project (SRP) flood irrigation was key to how the Phoenix valley was settled for agriculture. Our soil is both high pH and salty. They trick to getting it to produce is to flood the entire field and keep pushing those salts down below the root zone. Its comes in thru a series of reservoirs and canals, and finally thru ditches to the properties and fields. In the summer we flood every two weeks and in the winter once a month. And with our clay soil that is enough.


Hi Mamuang!

We post tons of pictures on our social media. You can find us on facebook instagram, and twitter under Amadio Ranch farm store and Amadio Ranch Peach Truck


Nice article.

So what kind of peaches produce in the valley in the dead of summer? Do you have to take special precautions to protect the fruit from the sun? The Phoenix summer is something else. People from other places are unfamiliar with the concept of “stewed on the vine” tomatoes.

That’s a great job Eric. Not only what you’ve done with your acreage, but the marketing too. The article points out exactly what a lot people are looking for. Small family farm, kids, the old fashioned branding… everything.

I don’t think you could have taken out a better ad than what the reporter did for you in that article. I expect business is going to pick up for your orchard even more. Congrats!

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The couple other orchards in Phoenix only grow May peaches, but they are trying to mainly be agritourism businesses and May is still reasonable tourist weather. We think our best peaches are our June peaches. All that heat really concentrates the sugars. The sun and heat become more of a problem for mainly our August peaches. The sunny side of the peach likes to ripen far before the shaded side…and bugs become a problem in August as our humidity arrives. But yes its all doable.

Thanks Olpea! Im so thankful for those that Tennessee Peach Truck couple. They taught me the most important lesson in growing. Marketing is EVERYTHING. Those two grow not a single thing and make BANK! Thats just today in America, people buy on marketing image and not substance. Im no where as finely honed as those two marketing majors but im learning and keep trying new things.

The piece in the paper turned out really great. Up until now we have done most our promotional work on social media platforms but that is getting harder and harder to get noticed on compared to a few years ago. So we are trying to reach out to old media like tv and print newspapers now and its been surprisingly good. Here is a piece a local news station did on us last season,


Excellent job! I want some peaches! :blush:

I am one of a few people left on the planet that do not have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Yes, I am ancient :smile:

I will find a way to check out your orchard.


Way to go Tippy. I like to think of it as maintaining a minimal internet footprint!