Biggest Tomato Contest 2020


Since I’m finally getting around to starting my tomato seeds, I thought it might be fun to see if some people wanted to do a biggest tomato contest this year. Since we have people from all over the place here, the contest would end at the end of the year.

Here’s the rules:
#1 - Any tomato entered must weigh at least 1 lb. I’d rather not have this thread flooded with pictures of a bajillion 12 ouncers.
#2 - Any tomato is fair game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hybrid or heirloom, single fruit or megablossom, etc.
#3 - It has to be edible. If you’re the competition guy that pumps so many chemicals into your irrigation system that no sane person would ever eat anything from that bed, there’s a contest for you somewhere, but it’s not this one.
#4 - Please provide a picture of the tomato on whatever scale you usually use to weigh produce along with the variety name.
#5 - It doesn’t matter how many plants you are growing. If you’re the guy/gal with a thousand tomato plants, more power to you.

To the winner go the spoils:
#1 - Bragging rights
#2 - A sense of fulfillment
#3 - The enjoyment that comes with friendly competition (consider this everyone’s participation trophy)

The winner will be announced early January 2021. Good luck everyone!


I think the biggest one I’ve grown was about 24oz, not huge, but pretty big. I think it was either a pink Brandywine or Watermelon. I’m going to try those two this year, plus Omar’s Lebanese, which is supposed to be a beast.


Game on :sunglasses:


I’m in.
I have a couple of beefsteak varieties in my ‘seedling stable’ this year.


I’ve got my first entry on this. I’m expecting much larger ones to come in, but this one can get us rolling. This is a Girl Girl’s Weird Thing that weighed in at 13.6 ounces. It was grown in my little greenhouse, and is at the upper edge of how large this variety can grow.


Does WIERD count?
My Boxcar Willies are doing some strange stuff!


That’s a wonky one for sure. Had one of my homebrew hybrids come in at 15 ounces this weekend. I’m still waiting for my outside tomatoes to start sizing up.


I am technically breaking rule #1, please forgive me! This will most likely be my largest tomato this year.
Cherokee Purple, 15.8 oz


Considering I already broke rule #1, you’re forgiven, lol. That’s a nice CP! Some of my outside “big” tomatoes are starting to color up. I’m excited to see what they weigh!


KBX from today’s garden.


I brought in my first Boxcar Willie of the year. I’m hoping my green tomatoes don’t split bad from all the rain we’re getting this week. @zendog is officially in the lead!


I wish I could grow those huge tomatos.


@RedSun if I can grow 1+ lb tomatoes then you can too. You could ask for seeds from larger fruited varieties of tomatoes in the trading post this fall, or you could just order some Hoy, Delicious H.S., Big Zac, or dozens of other seeds online. If you treat those varieties like you’d treat any tomato, they’ll still likely throw you multiple 1+ lbers.


I’m not sure if the KBX I had is representative of that variety making larger tomatoes, but Omar’s Lebanese, German Johnson, Kosovo (a really big heart), Church and some other heirloom types are a good place to start or you can go with some of the ones that were specifically bred for size.


Here is mine Aunt Ruby’s German Green!


1 pound 12 ounces, right? A big green monster!


Yes 1 pound 12 ounces, Can’t wait to eat it!


Very nice! @Ruben takes a commanding lead!

I’m hoping that somebody will crack the 2 lb barrier before the year is over.


Thanks Andrew!

Yes it would be very nice to see what everyone harvest before the end of the season!



I have two ARGG plants, one fruit on one of them looked like yours, which I assume is from multiple blossoms. Unfortunately, it had a rotten end on it, so I had to pull it off and pitch it. It wasn’t nearly ripe enough, but I should’ve at least weighed it before trashing it, although I’m sure it wasn’t as big as your 28 ouncer. Those have such a good flavor for a big tomato.

I do have some big fruit on some of my plants, like Giant Belgium and Brandywine, but they’re not close to picking yet.