Bird Guard

Anyone here using “bird guard” to keep birds away from fruit/nut trees? The big orchards near me use this and say it works quite well. But it is also 110 decibels when it sounds off! They make a smaller version that I will try next year for my 60 various fruit and nut trees as the birds have been killing me and netting the trees has not helped. If this does not help I will likely have to build a frame around each tree with a man door to keep the birds out and let me in to care for tree…that is a bunch of tree houses and expenses. So I am crossing my fingers this thing works.


What is it?

My bad it is BIRD GARD not bird guard. Can be found at

How Does It Work?

Bird Gard broadcasts distress call recordings that instantly trigger a flight response in pest birds, causing them to relocate to an area less threatening.


This is very interesting. Please let us know how well it works after you try it.

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I use a Bird Guard for Robbins on blueberries. Works well but the neighbors don’t like it.

The device is only effective on one or two types of birds so you have to choose the right ones and get the proper recording module…

Bird Guard Pro offers a 1 year try and buy but I’m not sure about the smaller versions.

Multiple layers are more effective so combining Bird Guard with holographic bird tape or spinners help.

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Which of the models do you have and how loud it is?

I will be getting either the bird gard pro or the bird gard pro plus with solar panel. From what i read each sound card carries 8 bird sounds but i do not yet know if I get to select which of the sounds available are on the card that i get. I am told it is 110 decibles which is like a dirt bike or chain saw or a big tractor. I am sure my neighbors will totally love me but at least they are a thousand feet away! The big orchard near me has one way up above the tree tops on a pole (they say it works well). Mine will likely be up on the barn and will cover two acres of mixed fruit and nut trees (it will sadly be pointed right at my house LOL , but will be set to only operate during the day when the fruits are beginning to ripen.)

I am also trying to determine the difference between Bird-X; and bird gard? Does anyone know if they are the same thing? Just made by a different company?

I have the bird guard super pro. The 4 way speaker assembly is about 12 feet in the air.

Never tested the loudness with a DB meter but I have never turned it to full volume for fear of making the neighbors too angry. On my version its possible to send the sound to 1 speaker at a time or all 4 at once.

My unit covers about 2 acres with sound that is loud enough that I turn it off when I work in the orchard. The Robbins start in the blueberries and move to the apples once the blueberries are gone. It turns on when the sun comes up and turns off at sunset

Its not perfect but it helps limit the bird damage. The addition of a propane cannon would help too but I don’t want to drive my neighbors crazy.

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I noticed that birds start attacking fruits immediately after sunrise, and this is about 5 am in the summer.

I have a friend who places a an electric air compressor in his orchard. It has a slow air leak so the compressor starts up periodically, scaring the birds.

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