Bird x laser deterrent?

This year I did not net my berries and they were completely eaten by the birds. I tried the flash tape and it worked for about 2 weeks then the birds just got used to it.

Thinking about using a laser system next year, but wanted to see if anyone has had a good experience with a cheaper laser like the one by bird-x since other other ones I’ve seen are like 8 - 10k which is too much for this hobbyist.


With a range of up to 10,000 square feet, the unrelenting red and green lasers of Bird-X laser bird deterrent systems will irritate birds, bats and small mammal pest species without harmful traps or chemicals.

WRT squirrels, this does sound just too good to be true. Probably it merely irritates them without actually driving them away.

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Yea some of the reviews are pretty bad for it, but there are some singing it’s praises, so not sure…maybe for next year I’ll bite the bullet and see if it helps protect my berries.

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If so, please report back. Flash tape and pie pans worked well with my blueberries and gooseberries this year. But poorly with cherries and serviceberries: the Brown Thrashers laughed as they dined. Now, if the laser light show spooks bunnies, that’d be really swell.

When I first read this, I imagined laser beams blasting forth and turning any bird breaching the perimeter into cartoonish roast fowl.

Not that I really want to do that. . .

Or do I? :thinking:

Birds are a big problem for me. They peck stone fruit and my tomatoes. Tomatoes I can cover but a large peach tree is difficult. Grape Kool-Aid?

I tried this on some of my blueberries and the birds just laughed at me. Might need to spray a higher concentration of Kool-aid than just four packets per gallon.

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