Birds eating my blossom buds!

Hello friends, I have a nice Toka pear and Chinese apricot, growing, unfortunately near our bird feeders. The birds hang out in the trees, and it seems that they are eating the buds of the blossoms. I see them pecking at the branches, and the branches are filled with empty buds casings.
Has anyone ever had this type of trouble, and any ideas of what to do? I am afraid that it is too late for this year, but next year we can try again!!! Thanks Peggy

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Yes I’ve seen it but only when there was deep snow on the ground. The birds didn’t have much choice.

I don’t know what to do about it short of netting the tree.

I saw this too.
You can move the bird feeders and then put up bird scare tape near the trees. During Feb-April the winds do enough tape movement to make noise and sparkle to scare away the birds. Birds do this to veggies too.

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When I lived in Minnesota many years ago a lot of the commercial orchards would whine about the turkeys destroying all the buds primarily on the outer two rows and especially if located near a woods.

Luckily the farm dog seems to keep the turkeys away for me but he is mighty lazy in not keeping the deer away at night.

Good idea. thanks so much

I will try this next winter thanks