Bitter Melon

I was looking to cure my olives this year in brine for the first time and was wondering has anyone tried to cure bitter melon to remove the the bitterness. Very healthy for you just can’t handle the bitterness

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Try squeezing lemon juice on it. It takes away some of the bitterness but not entirely.

Harvested about a dozen of bitten melon today from my volunteer plant. I like the bitter taste, but not when we were young.

For soup, my mother would boil the cut pieces first, removed the hot water, rinse once before making her soup to remove the bitter taste for us children. For stir-fry, she would sprinkle on cut pieces with some salt, leave them on for about 15 min, and rinsed them off before cooking.

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if you eat them all the time the taste isn’t as bad. atleast for me when i eat something alot it starts to have less flavor over time.

or throw it in the blender with some orange juice, to me the health benefits are too great to pass up and are one of my favorite plants to grow.

I believe the people of okinawa japan, which used to have the most people that live over 100, dedicate their longevity to this plant. I have only grown japanese varieties for this reason. I am unsure of the nutritional content of other varieties due to no personal experience and having not tested their health benefits.

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I usually stuffed pork meat inside the bitter melon for our Vietnamese soup dish. This is one of my favorite healthy food.



Does anyone know if this is the same type of bitter melon used for a tea in Chinese medicine?