Black Boy peach blossoms

Third leaf.


Did it fruit last year?

My black boy is just finishing up.


My peaches are in full blossom now.

Interesting contrast between showy and non-showy…

Even among showy blooms, it looks like different trees have different shades. Most of the labels on this one have worn off, so I’ve got to re-construct what is where based on descriptions (“SE, 4.7’, 50 degrees”, etc). Most of the tree (PF1) has died, but there are a few grafted branches holding on. I’m guessing that they are resistant to whatever has been killing the rest of it.

Further in the background is the lighter colored bloom from NJF 16 (TangO).


Indian Free Peach (from Raintree bare root 4.2016) in Seattle.


Yes I noticed that too!
Indian Free

Arctic Glo

PF Lucky 13 is even darker, I don’t have a photo.


Out of the five peach trees that I have, the largest blooms produce the smallest peach. The tinier the bloom, the larger the peach. The blossoms on Elberta, Shui Mi Tao, and ‘Early Crawford’ are tiny compared to Black Boy and an un-named seedling.

No, due to late frost. This is the first year it will have fruit. I hope I have my house long enough to at least see them!

I netted the tree. The squirrels got six I have three left. They will be mine!!!


3 is better than none…good luck.

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Does anyone know where in the United States a person might be able to purchase a couple of Black Boy peach trees ? Or possible a few pits ? I have looked on the Raintree website and in their catalogs. It seems they no longer carry them. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank You !!

Raintree normally puts them on pre-sale in the fall, and tends to sell out fairly quickly. I’m pretty sure they had them last year, though it might actually have been a year earlier when I last noticed. I think it would be worth contacting them (800-391-8892) to make sure, and if they do plan to carry them again this year, ask them when they’ll go on sale.

If they don’t, I’m not aware of another US source. However, Indian Free is available from various places (notably Dave Wilson re-sellers) and is very similar to Black Boy, except that it’s not self-fertile. I often can’t tell the fruit of the two apart, at least as grown here.

Thank you for the information !!

Squirrels got all of them last year. My tree will be in bloom in more than a week. Will take pics. Many, Many blossoms this year!