Black currant blossoms

Hi all. I have a very stubborn black currant. When is it supposed to bloom and what do the buds look like? My blackcurrants in RI were so massive and bloomed like crazy, I never really paid attention to its details. I am down to one black currant in a pot. Lots of leaves. Its trying . . .

Maybe it is too warm where you are.

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Could be. May in the 60’s? Doesn’t get hot till June. I don’t know.

My black currants are rather confused this spring (unlike white, red, golden, gooseberries and josta). The most perplexed :slight_smile: ones are the ones in full sun.
These are some unopened flower buds:

And the same variety in half shade:

The top one leafed out before anything else and looks like it will bear as poorely as stressed transplants from last year’s cuttings.


Great and thank you sooo much. Yes I have those this year! Big help! Thanks.