Black Currant Gelato Recipe

The one ingredient in the recipe that must be changed ( amount) is the sugar. Replace only one 1/2 cup of the sugar with a half cup of corn syrup . The corn syrup prevents ice crystals from forming, leaving your gelato creamy. Hope you like it Mrs. G


I’m disappointed. Thought it would be a gelato recipe. Probably tasty though.

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I’ll have to try the corn syrup. I usually add a very small amount of vodka for the same purpose.

I moved my black currant bushes recently and the crop was small this spring. Hopefully it will pick up, there is nothing comparable to black currants for jam, sorbet, etc.

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It is a gelato recipe, if You add a half cup of cream, but the color is so dense and the color is so deep it’s hard to want to change this recipe. You will not be disappointed.

Or try this one and still add the corn syrup. I’ve made both.

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