Black Kow | Apple Trees

Is it too late in the year to add black kow to my apple trees?

It is not too late but if your soil is good enough, there is no need to fertilize the tree with compost cow manure.

What makes you think your tree need manure at this time?

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I didn’t get a soil sample when I planted them. I knew better.

I did try to amend the soil with lime and fertilizer.

What makes me think the soil is poor is because of the little growth over the year.

If you planted a bare root tree, the growth in the first year could be slow as the tree is establishing its roots. If you planted a potted tree, hope you loosened the roots as they tend to be root bound.

All in all, a first year in-ground tree usually slow growing. Nutrient deficiency will show on leaves. If your trees have nice green leaves, the tree is happy.

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