Black persimmon

Hello ,

This is my black persimmon that is very unique fruits.


Awesome! Is that one called kuro kaki?

This is Huk Kam persimmon.

I have Huk Gam from Cliff, it is all orange. Where did you get it from?

I get it as cuttings from S.Korea

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I can help you in winter but i have very limited stock left now. There is much demand for this persimmon.

How does it taste compared to your favorite persimmons?

It has aromatic very good taste


Hey, Iā€™m looking for this type of persimmon. Is it true to seed?

Are you in the US?

No not US.

There are some black-skinned D. kaki circulating in the U.S. that were imported from Japan.

There are also two other persimmon species from the Caribbean which are sometimes referred to in English as black persimmon: D. digyna and D. revoluta. The latter is a deadly poison. Neither of them look like D. kaki fruit.


This is from South Korea