Black plastic mulch or oak leaf mulch

I have spaced my raspberries 2.5’ apart and cut a 1’ square hole in the black plastic so they dont get overcrowded but I noticed a lot of new canes coming up underneath the plastic so on one raspberry row I cut the black plastic out and put oak leaf/grass mulch from December 2020 in its place. Should I do that with the other rows or just leave the one foot square hole? I figure if they get overcrowded I might have to thin some out anyways so I’m thinking the leaf mulch might be better that way I can have one every six inches or so. I’m in North Florida zone 8B it gets pretty humid during the summer.

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Thank goodness I’m spreading the mulch by hand I hit some wet mulch full of grubs probably 50 or more.

What do those grow into?

I have no idea it’s the first year I’ve lived here but here are some Beatles that I caught in my one acre fan trap.


I’m finding about 2 grubs per 5 gallon bucket of mulch I’m using today, sifting by hand.

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