Black raspberries repotting

I just got some tiny Ohio Treasure Black raspberry plants from edible landscaping. I grew them last year but they never really thrived and my landscaper took them out by accident so they didn’t return this spring. I got their replacements a few days ago but we are having a heat wave right now and I don’t want to plant them directly outside yet. I’m thinking of transplanting them from the 2 inch pots they are in right not into 6 inch cowpots I have on hand and leaving them outside for a few weeks to get some good growth on them first before planting them in the ground. my soil is pretty heavy clay, although the bed has been sitting for a year with heavy much on top so the soil should be better in their intended bed. should I just use some generic potting soil in the cowpots or use my native soil? what do you think?

I would plant them in ground , in the bed where you want them .


…especially if there are any roots showing when removed from the 2-inch pots. Best to transplant shock once rather than twice. Shade the ground and base of plants during initial heat wave.