Black Raspberries with NO Flavor

Another point to consider is that flavor and size of berries and production is also related to pruning.

Less is more sometimes.

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Just tried my first bristol black raspberry today and watery would not be in my description as it seemed rather seedy & dense but good. This was also a potted plant at a nursery so Iā€™m assuming rainfall/watering has something to do with yours being watery and hence flavorless. The berries I tried were quite good but not better than my triple crown blackberries or Carolina Red Raspberries imo

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I have jewel here in the coast and they are typically one of my favorites: subtle, nuanced flavor. However, this year they are not quite there, maybe due to the wet and cool spring we had while fruit were setting? Hoping the later ripening fruits will kick into gear now that we are seeing warmer, dryer weather.

In central MD my Bristols are amazing. Better than Jewel.