Black raspberry pruning (cicada)

Primocanes of my new black raspberries (Jewel and Bristol) have some moderate cicada damage.

It’s not enough to kill the tips, but it does seem to be somewhat restricting growth.

I pinched the primocanes at 36”. A couple seem to be branching more strongly below where the cicadas hit them, with only weak growth at the top.

So you can see up at the top of the new growth this week so far where I pinched it, but there are two fairly strong laterals coming out below the cicada scars.

I’m trying to decide whether I should just cut it back where the strong laterals are, and next year, just expect my fruit to form a bit lower down than ideal, or just kind of let it go, and see if eventually the top grows a little stronger over time.

That net is probably helping. I lost just about all new growth on everything to cicadas.

That’s just deer netting, they’re not covered over top.