Black raspberry with blackberry hybrid?

Asking the cane fruit experts here. Does an available hybrid of blackberries and black raspberries exist? If so, what is/are the names? My wild black raspberries are healthy and reseed freely, on dense clay soil near some blackberries I planted. All are neglected in full sun and disease free.

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I have not heard of any. Ploidy level could be the issue. Anybody know the ploidy level of black raspberries?
Since blackberries have many levels you might find one that would work.

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Tayberries are a hybrid of red raspberries and blackberries as are wyeberries; newberry trailing blackberry has some red raspberry heritage also; not aware of black raspberries and blackberries

per ORBC (oregon raspberry & blackberry commision)
they are working on “purple” hybrid raspberries (red & black & R. coreanus) and trying to improve black raspberries on productivity, less thorns, better taste, better resistance to aphids; not aware of any hybrid programs, though


Blackcaps are diploid, like Red Raspberries. ARS-GRIN does carry some tetraploid accessions of both, though.

Olympic Berry is a hybrid of Blackcap with Phenomenal Berry (a selfed second generation Loganberry type hybrid, idaeus × ursinus). I first heard about it in a news article, then a few years later Raintree started selling it; I just received mine a few days ago.

On the tropical side of things, theres Rubus glaucus, Mora de Castilla. I used to think it was a tropical blackberry, and was always confused with the consistent comparisons to Loganberry. Come to find out it’s actually descended from an ancient hybrid of Blackcap with a South American Blackberry.


I have Phenomenal Berry and posted pics of it last year… this past winter it got zapped here.

I think Silvan is one of the most interesting hybrids… not on topic but i hope to get my first berries this year.

Its a hybrid of hybrids.