Black raspberry


They are growing well. They're about nine foot tall from the other side. Ther's a two foot tall rock terrece so that grass strip by the pool is two foot higher than the berries are. I have a fifty foot line on wire were I transplanted them and a sixty foot line too. I have to many.


Just pick them while you are swimming :slight_smile:


Here is a picture of the wild black Raspberry patch I found growing behind my house. I don't know much about raspberries. Can someone comment on the tall fruitless growth that's visible in this mess of thorns? Are those part of the Raspberry plant or are they some type of separate bramble? Their leaves look the same but why are they so long and tall.

I'd like to attempt to clean this area up because it has some poison ivy growing around it. The area only gets a short bit of sunlight each day. Really surprised that berries can even grow there considering its shaded almost all day long. I greatly prefer blackberries to raspberries. Do you think I could cut all those down and plant blackberries like PAF or another appropriate cultivar?


Aren't those the primocanes that will fruit next year? If so that's what you need to retain after this yrs harvest.


Yes that is what it looks like to me too. Black raspberries fruit on 2nd year wood. Those tall ones are first year primocanes. Probably stretching for the light. They will bend over and tip root if not pruned.


Should I cut out all the current fruiting wood after the crop is finished? How do I trim the primocanes? Is there a certain amount I should take off? String them up?


Yes you can remove it anytime after fruiting and before spring.

You don't have to, but so you don't have to watch for tip rooting I cut them at about 4-5 feet. If they look like they will stay up, you do not have to prune them. I just do it to prevent tip rooting. Sometimes not, if I want tip rooting! Here's one of mine a wild yellow cap. It's kept in a container. The taller canes are primocanes. I will eventually wrap them around stakes after harvest.

Here is Jewel. I noticed I have some weak floricanes, Not sure what's going on with this plant?


The Jewel could be going for quantity instead of strength in its new canes.


If you'd rather have blackberries there, you can remove the raspberries and replace them. Some will come back from roots, but you'll be able to tell them apart.


Found these at a park today-- yum!


Are those blackcaps or something else? They look good! many years ago i would go to some public land near here and fill up on various berries. I just had to bath myself in bug spray :slight_smile:

We filled up a bowl and in less then a was empty...


Don't forget..if you're like me and looking to live to 140 or 150 years should be eating these every day...


Yeah. Black raspberries a.k.a. "black-caps."

They're the best, aren't they?!


So that's why fruit growers always look younger than the general population.


Are any blackcaps as easy to grow as Jewel with perhaps smaller seeds or bigger fruit? I love them but they can be a bit seedy for fresh eating.


Got a handful of Niwot yesterday . Worst tasting raspberry ever . Not impressed


My little boy and I are spending at least 20 minutes a day just browsing our raspberry patch. His poops have been coming out pitch black.




My yellow caps are becoming ripe!