Black raspberry


I found some monster black raspberries...but overall mine are about done. Next will be the gold raspberries.


I transplanted mine to a line with two electric wires. One runing three foot and one at five. It helps for picking if you can tie them up to wire. Then they aren't so low to the ground. You can leave them where they are and just drive stakes on each side and run some wire. I brace my stakes back down to the ground with wire and a small stake to keep the wire tight. This year you would want to tie the new primocanes and cut out the dark ones when they are done fruiting. You will get lots of berries this way.


I’m thinking about ordering some black raspberries. My options are Jewel, Newot, Mac Black and Bristol. Any recommendations on these? I can only have one variety.


I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Mac Black is later then Jewel. I’d like to add that one. With SWD around here thick, the early ripening berries is all i’m going to have.


Thank you. Decided to go with Jewel.


I grow jewel, I also let it tip root! Once it gets going about 2 years, it takes off and the clumps of berries are large. Can anyone describe the taste? It doesn’t have a raspberry taste to me.


To me it has a black raspberry taste. A different species than the reds.
Jewel is pretty good, but I have only tasted a few cultivars.


Drew, please describe the taste, to me its a bit like honey and berry. I cannot figure out which berry. They do not taste like blackberries or raspberries, do you think?


It is a distinct taste. What does a blueberry taste like?


I’ve been thinking about your question since last night, @mrsg47. It’s kind of hard to answer since I haven’t had a black raspberry since last summer, and that crop wasn’t a good one due to our drought. But I think black raspberries have a sweeter, more aromatic raspberry taste with a very strong dark berry flavor (like mulberries and blackberries) as well as a bit of wine-like flavor going on. They’re certainly a taste all their own.


Black raspberry in the last 15 years have been the only raspberry that can survive for me in Kansas. They are much hardier than other raspberries. I’ve tried many varieties of reds and yellows and Anne actually fruited but did not live through the next year. The flavor is unique raspberry but definitely raspberry and only raspberry flavor. The flavor is deeper and stronger than reds or yellow berries, sweeter with less sour.


Yes, not easy, I guess first major berry flavor categories are red and blue. It’s in the blue, low acid. Steven did the best job in describing flavor.


Taste is easy to describe, since there aren’t that many different tastes. It tastes both sweet and sour, just like very many other fruits.

Flavor, on the other hand, is much harder to describe, since there are gazillions of different flavors. I think black raspberries have a unique flavor, different from any other fruit.


Some think it’s boring though. I find concentrating it into a syrup makes it one of the finest flavors around. I see other fruit with this potential too, like honeyberries or many of the blackberry-raspberry hybrids which in themselves vary a lot. Tayberry syrup is so sweet it tastes a lot like strawberries. A very unique berry too. Last week I took quart of them, removed seeds and made smoothies with yogurt and milk, wow, strawberries and cream! All I needed was a tennis match.


Absolutely agree! My sister-in-law make a sweet syrup out of the black raspberries I give her and serves it over pancakes, waffles, etc… Served warm over vanilla ice cream, on a hot summer day,is about as good as it gets!


I make a raw syrup with no sugar. I like it like this in smoothies. For sweet syrup, you can use it as a stock and make sweet syrup with brown sugar, honey. whatever.
I tried making ice cubes with it, but the stuff is so thick, it doesn’t freeze well. Like an oil. It’s messy and gets all over. So I started freezing in 1 cup containers. That is working better. This is a raspberry - blackberry blend. I still have over 20 pounds of berries.


Looks delicious. How do you get it to look so good?


Sheer luck. I’m the worst at photographing prepared food. The blackberries and raspberries, make such a wonderful syrup. In this form you can make jam, or syrup, or use raw. I love using fresh berries, but the harvest is large so some have to be frozen. They still have a lot to offer in this form.
Seeds are removed. Blackberry seeds are so big, they need to be gone. If just pure raspberry I usually leave the seeds. A mix, I remove all seeds. Removing the seeds means losing some pulp too, so nothing is perfect. I press it for a long time and squeeze as much pulp through as possible.




I use a fine mesh sieve btw, and a pestle or spoon to push as much pulp through as possible. I heat and simmer for 5 minutes before I process to break down the drupes. I also mash with a potato masher.