Black rot

One of my indoor plant have black rot. I cut the effective leaves off.

Should I destroy the whole plant, should I spray other plants with copper fungicide?

You will need to be a little more specific as to the plant and the disease before anyone can answer your questions. Black rot is a name for a lot of different diseases across a lot of different plant species.

I cut the two last damage leaves. But the rest fell off on its own.

I am by no means great at keeping house plants alive, but is it possible that this pattern is due to the leaf being damaged (see underside photo) or perhaps sunburn? I am not getting the feeling that this is a rot or bacterial issue.

The plant was kept inside. The damage part of the Leaves smell bad. I just place it outside In the shade to see if it recovers

Hi, I know what Black Knot is when it come to an orchard, but not a house plant. Since I too have house plants, may I ask you this. . . When was the last time you changed the soil in the pot of the plant? It might need new soil, or a clean pot and saucer that is cleaned regularly? Hope this helps. I see that kind of ‘burn’ with too much heat, and lack of water. It is not black rot.

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It’s a new plant. New soil, but it was in a room where it gets really cold and hot. The leaves were rotting. But I have it outside now and the rotting have stop. I guess humidity could have effect the pant as well.

Oh good!