Black sapote hybrids?

I see lots of hybrids between Asian and American persimmons, but is anyone crossing American persimmons with Diospyros nigra, black sapote? It would be nice to combine the big, sweet fruit of the black sapote with the cold-hardiness of the American persimmon.

Doing the cross would be awkward, probably involving mailing pollen from one zone to another, since I don’t think the trees can grow in the same climate, but the results could be interesting.


Not to be confused with Zapote Negro (Diospyros revoluta ), aka Black Apple - a very poisonous fruit. Although the common names translate to the same name, they were created in two different cultures and have distinct meanings in those locations.

I’m planning to try to cross it with D. texana since I think they have matching chromosome counts and their native ranges are near but non-overlapping. I haven’t acquired the nigra tree yet, and have just started a couple batches of texana seedlings after getting mislabeled seeds a couple years ago. So this is many years out, but that is the plan!

I will grow the nigra in my greenhouse, and might do the same with the texana, though I’ll test the latter outside here.