Black spots appearing on emerging leaves/buds of Santa Rosa plum?

We got this Santa Rosa plum in the ground last weekend and it’s been progressing nicely, but we noticed today that there are some noticeable black spots (see photos below) on the emerging leave and some buds as well. Is this something to be concerned about? Any ideas what’s causing it?

The weather has been pretty mild since planting here in upstate NY (zone 5b), with one or two rainy days mixed in. The coldest temp the tree has been exposed to is about 34 or 35F…is that cold enough to cause some “burn” on the leaves? When we got the tree, it was already a bit further along than our established peach trees are…those don’t have any leaves emerging yet.

I’m hoping it is just cold damage and not something fungal/bacterial related to the wet weather.


Another photo of the spots:

bird poop?

I think these might be pieces of the scale that covers the bud when it’s dormant.

Well now I feel like a dummy - you’re right about the bud scales! I was able to scrape some of the “black spots” right off with my fingernail, so I think there’s no more cause for alarm…thanks!