Black Strawberry

This is why I don’t buy plants from Amazon and Ebay.

With the risk of sounding stupid, do they really exist? :astonished:
I did a google search and quite a few places sell the seeds.

at a farm I ate a small nearly black cultivar that bursting with flavor. But I doubt anything like the pictured ones are real.

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Everything I could find about them indicate they are a scam. Someone grew out some seeds, and they weren’t even strawberry plants. Looked like some type of herb or mint.

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This might be the darkest strawberry available.

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In France,

Cherry Berry


They are not really black but a dark red and have been around a long time, back in the 70’s and 80’s I believe there was one going around called black beauty that was somewhat popular but again it was dark red not black. BTW there exists a white blackberry, in fact several named varieties like snowbank and iceberg but they are extremely rare in the trade. I actually had one of these at one time and the fruit really was white, very different and the flavor was good as best I remember.

@Drew51 has one or two of Burbanks whites in his collection. There was a discussion in this post Best Thornless blackberry? - #161 by Bear_with_me and there is a new cultivar on the market Polar Berry

polar is available much cheeper here