Black Walnut named varieties


The world wide web has a lot of great pecan pollination charts for almost every named pecan variety. Can anyone find one for Black Walnut named varieties or perhaps they have one they can share here? Thanks much!


This is where it gets interesting. The only publication showing dichotomy type I know of is the article by Bill Reid and Mark Coggeshall in the link 2 posts up as gtr_nc243_018.pdf. If you look at the second page in the document, only 4 varieties are protandrous. They are Football, Knuvean, McGinnis, and Victoria.

I have the following varieties that are not in the list:
Neel #1
Ohio, Bakers
Ozark King
Pounds #2
Purdue #1
Sauber #1, Lane
Sauber #2
Tom Boy

And these that are:
Daniels, Lane
Daniels, Wilmoth
Emma K
Kwik Krop
Thomas Myers

I suspect most of the varieties of walnut available are protogynous but since their leaf out dates are up to a month apart, there is pretty much continuous pollen available in my grove. Sparrow is an outlier. I have always thought Sparrow was protandrous, but Bill lists it as type II.

The short answer is that I don’t know of anything that shows pollination dates for walnut. This would be a very good question to ask Bill Reid or Mark Coggeshall.


I sent a quart of nice looking black walnuts to a friend earlier this week. Tonight I shelled out just over a gallon of nuts and wound up with a packed full quart jar in the freezer. These were mostly Thomas.

I have about 15 gallons of Farrington, Cranz, Thomas, and Neel #1 remaining. If I were to offer to send them out for planting for the cost of postage, would anyone be interested in getting a few?


Most definitely interested. :sunny:


Where do these ship from ? Just curious as there is an extension office not that far away and I seem to remember seeing walnuts there


Corvallis, OR?


I’m in Hamilton Alabama. I will pack as many as I an get into one of the priority mail boxes you pick the size and varieties. The boxes cost roughly $8 to $15 to ship depending on size. I am offering to pack Thomas, Neel #1, Farrington, and/or Cranz. Cranz is a small nut adapted to Iowa. The others probably would do better further south. These walnuts could be pollinated by any of the other varieties I have growing. There is a very good chance they will produce good quality nuts or can be grafted to named varieties if you choose. You are welcome to eat some or all of them. I’m just offering them so some folks can have a chance to see what walnuts can look like from nut producing varieties.


I was actually referring to this post from awhile back , sorry I should have clarified

“Thanks for the encouragement, down the rabbit hole I go…put in my order with Missouri State Nursery for a bundle of bw.”


Generous offer!


Very interested in all to sample a couple of each and most importantly to try and grow from seed. Time and $ amount. Just let me know. :slight_smile: Thanks so much in advance!!


Post office price is $13.60 for a priority mail medium size box. Either call or email with your address and I’ll send a box out next week. My contact info is on my website selectedplants(dot)com. I can send out about 7 or 8 of these. I’ll post here if more requests come in than I can handle.


Email sent. :+1::ok_hand::boom:
Nice website you have.


This is a really informative thread. Thanks everyone!

After reading about @cousinfloyd 's success with grafting volunteers, I plan to order some scions and look for young Black Walnuts to graft this spring. We have a neighbor with a lot of acreage that has a stream running through it. I expect to find at least a few established root systems there.

While looking for scions I found Rising Creek Nursery. Their list of nut cultivars is pretty good. Does anyone have experience ordering from them?


Nice find, although I haven’t heard of them before. Like you I am wondering if anyone has worked with them before. They certainly have a lot of good cultivars that @Fusion_power and @Lucky_P have discussed on here.


I hope to retire in N. Florida (zone 8a) in a couple years and wanted to plant some trees which I could harvest in 20 years when I’m 65. Is there a Black Walnut that would grow there to a decent height?


I shipped the first boxes of nuts to people who requested them today. I will ship a couple more boxes tomorrow.

Figerama, Thomas, Neel #1, and Farrington are options if you want to grow nut producing black walnuts.


Awesome! Is this your paypal?


Walking near an old walnut stand and came across this one after I had rubbed my boot through it, It happened to crack in half perfectly. It sure shows how a native BW pales in comparison in nut size in with named black walnut varieties.


zaz, yes, that is my email and used for paypal. I will mail your package tomorrow. I only had time to pack and ship 2 boxes today.

Re native trees, I spent about 30 years checking native walnuts trying to find one that was worth propagating. I found exactly 2 trees over the years that were better than average. One was dug up a few years ago when a road was widened. I had collected scionwood and have several trees growing. The other is still standing on the side of the road in central Alabama. I collected scionwood once but never got a successful take. Neither tree was as good as Thomas or Neel #1. The first tree I’ve mentioned before as I named it Redneck. It is unusual for producing large crops of good flavored walnuts that shell out a bit over 20% kernel. It routinely sets clusters of 3 nuts and always has a few clusters of 5 or 6. It is also unusual in having a very fibrous root system that is adept at extracting nutrients from red clay soil. I use it for rootstock whenever I can and eat the rest.


Fascinating stuff and a whole lot of research you have completed. Redneck seems like it would suit a lot of people well in the SE US.
Again, appreciate you sending me a package to try and grow from seed. I’m pretty fired up about it.