Blackberry Bareroot Source

Looking for recommendations for a plant nursery to order bareroot blackberry plants in bulk. Norse Farms doesn’t have the varieties I am looking for. Does anyone have a good source?

Looking for: Arapaho, Navajo, Apache, Kiowa

We can’t grow the prime varieties here (too hot).

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Pense berry farm (Arkansas) has all the varieties you need, and have decent prices. I haven’t bought any from them, I’ve got my plants from Indiana Berry, who also have the varieties you’re looking for. I bought four thornless blackberries from them last year and they have thrived. I noticed IB has a order limit, though, on three of the varieties you’re looking for.

@clarkinks bought a bunch of BB’s from Pense, he could maybe comment on the quality of the plants. They have free shipping for orders over $75.


Indiana Berry sends nice sized, quality plants.


Simmons berry/plant farm in AR has been good for me

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The plants from Pense did not do well because of the weather we had. I will say nourse plants look far better and cost more. Blackberry plants have a nice price break with Pense. I’ve bought up to 1000 strawberries from Arkansas Berry and had good luck with them. All 3 are reputable and all have a different reason to buy from them related to quality and price points.


Indiana Berry and Nourse….have wonderful strawberry plants. Not certain on blackberries.

i ordered 30 raspberries from pense .all survived and some even fruited that fall. good root structure and big plants. bought from indiana berry and nourse as well. all good quality plants.

Nourse blackberries roots were nearly to big! They literally were over 2 feet long! Best I’ve ever seen but as I said we pay for that kind of quality.

This is great! Thanks for the recommendations.