Blackberry cane borer in willamette valley?

I have boysenberries and it sure looks like I have cane borer’s. I did not think they were west of the cascades? I have spent the last few days trying to find out because I sure can’t think what else it could be. If so when do they come out of cane? If I go and take them all out now I lose quite a bit of production and will also need to spray as well. I am so bummed this is there 2 year in ground. My grandparents sure didn’t have this much problems with there boysenberries. Also got purple blotch :confounded:.

It would be extremely early in the year to diagnose cane borers in caneberries in the Willamette Valley–do you have damage from last year and what are the symptoms?

Raspberries are more typical borer victims here–canes go limp and leaves wilt starting 1 or 2 feet above ground.

Good to hear from you Larry Gene. I was hoping you would chime in.

Yes was going through berries and putting on trellis and noticed sections of canes swelled up about size of thumb. Cut it off and sliced it open small holes all around inside. In my boysenberries and kotata. Was going to check my raspberries tomorrow after work.

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Sounds like the red necked borer, not the raspberry borer. Remove infected canes before they begin to grow. Doing this is fairly effective. If bad, spray before open flowers, they eat the leaves mostly in May and June.

If swellings are low on the canes, it’s the red necked borer. The Raspberry borer starts near the top, and the wilting mentioned is the first symptom. There too cut out wilted canes, at least the wilted parts.

These bores have been my number one problem with blackberries. I still haven’t figured out a way to effectively deal with them.

Would pyrethrum work? I was trying to go not to toxic if I can. The canes were laying on the ground and I put them up on trellis. So the swelling is all over, a foot up and on up. Been trying to find what others do. Found one post but it sounded pretty toxic. Thank you for all the feed back!

Sorry about that still figuring this out on how to post

Borers are beetles, so you can use the organic spiosad. They feed on leaves, if they are sprayed you should kill them all, you also need to remove and burn, destroy get them outta there, canes with borers. I know it screws production. You can leave them but it will take longer to eradicate the beetle. Also a new BT has been developed that eats beetles, So far I have only seen it at Gardens Alive. It appears to kill many, not tested for the bramble borers though, so may not work? Or you could go super toxic, it will work.