Blackberry disease help

I’ve got several blackberries that I am loosing leaves off of quickly. My usually spray of neem, immunox, and daconil isn’t doing much. Can anybody identify this?

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Looks like rust to me. I control it here with Copper Hydroxide.

Can you get RUST from to much rain? I see that on mine and we have had an exceptionally wet year. Doesn’t appear to harm anything…Yet…

My guess is leafhopper or some other sap sucker. Blackberry is tough enough to fend off leafhoppers but, they can introduce other desease and high leafhoppers populations can devastate young apple trees.

No insects on the plant that I could find. Is there a time of day to look for leafhoppers?

Same as the fig. Old leaves late in the season. It doesn’t matter at this point.

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Agreed. Typical late-season old leaves.