Blackberry Leaf Darken - What can this be?


This is a Freedom blackberry potted about 2 months ago. At first I saw some new leaves edge browning, I tipped those off. Yesterday, I move the pot to a more sunny location. some leaves start to burn. I have been googling still can not figure it out what this is.
Sun burn? Chemical burn? (neem extract spray) or type of fungal diseases (we did not rain for 2 weeks, SE NY)

Please feel free to share your ideas

Thank you

Given it was just moved to more sun it’s probably sunburn. I have seen oil burn look something like that.

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Thank you Fruitnut.

Another 2 Blackberry plants new growth / leaves curl up, crisp and brown edge. I checked Berry Diagnostic Tool @ Cornell. Still not sure what this is. No aphids / any insect found on the leaves. No herbicide used (they are in containers) Is this going to be an issue?

Thank you

Some of mine were doing that. It’a been really hot and dry here (Texas) and I have attributed it to that. They seem to really like water, moreso than I would think necessary as blackberries grow wild here in the hot and dry. I think these PAF’s sulk unless the climate and moisture is EXACTLY what they want it to be. It has not been anything that has spread.