Blackberry plant almost evergreen

Hi everyone! I’m growing this blackberry in zone 5b against the east fence. The house is on the other side about 6-7 feet away. This blackberry doesn’t loose its leaves until Jan, usually. It is a thornless variety.

Tonight I was looking around and found it hung onto a few leaves from last year. They had little to no winter damage. I found that pretty cool. But is that normal for some blackberry varieties to drop leaves that late and be part evergreen? In zone 5b!

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Yes. The leaves on my blackberry plants stay mostly green over the winter as well. I have been pruning them off in the spring but may just let them be next year and fall off when they may.

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Is that Triplecrown? I am now in 6a (was recently 5b) and my Triplecrown behaves very similar, although it has never managed to quite hang onto its leaves through the entire winter

I grow some western trailing types that are not hardy in zone 6 but I cover them with leaves in the winter. Not always but some years the old leaves remain. So no it’s not unusual.


i do the same but use old heavy fleece blankets and snow to protect them. they also retain their leaves that way.

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It is quite strange reminents of a tropical heritage possibly.

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Thanks everyone! I forget the name of this variety. Fruit is quite good oblong shape if I remember correctly.