Blackberry Rosette on black raspberry

I have not seen signs of rosette …yet…but can anyone tell me if having double berries is a sign of double blossom ? I am beginning to see those more frequently on some of my black raspberries…….after you pick the berry…the white pith that remains is split into two…and the berry itself looks wider as if it was turning into two berries…is this disease ?..I have seen it on brambles all of my life …wild ones cultivated ones…just not sure if it is evidence of disease…seems like it is.

I’ve seen it as well . it seems to be more common on certain cultivars. didn’t even know there was a disease that causes this. thought of it more of a genetic mutation.

I haven’t seen it last year and noticed it this year and increased in the the past month as season winds down…I have some primocane black raspberries…I don’t think there was any on the summer crop…then noticed it very infrequently on the fall crop and as I go out to pick more berries as they ripen , noticing it much more…