Blackberry wire question

Does anyone use barbed wire for their trellis wires? I was trying to think of ways to keep the canes from sliding back and forth in the Kansas wind so they don’t get cut up by the wire. I use a fastener/tape gun to fasten the canes to my wire, but that tape just slides up and down the wire depending on the wind resulting in damaged or broken canes especially in winter when the canes are more brittle. Those barbs would give something for those pieces of tape to hold onto. Any other good ideas out there?

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I have used clothes pins to stop that. I put up parachord hanging down a wire as a vertical trellis for beans, or any vine. Works well except the sliding you mentioned.The clothes pins look like crap, but it worked.


I reuse the wire ties from the loaf bread , tortillas and other packs. Just placed around the wire and the canes, twisted a few times done!

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Loose zip tie around cane then tight zip tie the zip tie to the wire.

Say that 3 times really fast.