Blackening leaves on pear tree

Two pear trees, an early season Ubileen and a late season Anjou, are developing blackened leaves. My orchard is in the Great Lakes Region.

This doesn’t look like the drying and curling of fireblight pictures I see on the Web. I had this condition before on the Ubileen, and I treated it an iron supplement supplied to the drip line – don’t know if that helped or the condition went away on its own.

This summer, especially much of July has been very dry. I did not water because the orchard had gotten about an inch of rain two days prior.

In “doing something” until I get more information, I applied per label directions as a nutritional supplement 1) foliar “liquid iron” (iron sulfate), 2) liquid iron to the soil along the drip line. Following that, on the theory this may be a leaf-chewing pest, I applied Avaunt (indoxacarb) insecticide in a separate spray, not taking the chance at tank-mixing. I did not apply a fungicide yet.

I also read a recommendation to apply foliar copper.

Here is what the blackened leaves look like mixed in with green leaves – doesn’t look like pictures of pear diseases I have seen where leaves curl or form spots.

Here is what the yellowing leaves look like

My magness pear lost most of its leaves during the drought.

I am sorry to hear that.

Did the leaves look like that?

A closer look at your leaves would help. Picture below you can see stem is green and leaf is black. The rabbits got at the trunk badly last year.

Paul, if I was you, I’d strip every single dying leaf after confirmation you aren’t lacking water. Probably safer to cut off the branches, that’s what I did for my “fireblight like symptoms” and I’ve been fine so far this year since.

Good point. I also removed some that looked a bit like fireblight

I neglected to take a closer picture, but this last weekend, both trees were looking much better.