Bleeding Wound on Apple


It is late winter where I live and some apples have started to show bud swell (although not this tree). Three weeks ago I beheaded - back to about 6 buds - a Golden Russet apple that I grafted onto M9 rootstock last year. The beheading was in preparation for beginning to train it in espalier form this year. Since then it has continually wept a very thin liquid - thinner than I tend to see from pruning cuts. I did the cut on a fine, sunny day and yet it is still weeping. There are signs of mould on the would, although it isn’t rotting.
Should I cut it a couple of buds lower and seal it, or just wait?


Leave it be. The weeping will stop on it’s own and doesn’t hurt the plant. Cutting back won’t help.


OK, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it