Blenheim Apricot


Is this type of spurs typical with Blenheim? I have not experienced this with Tomcot or my Aprium. Fruit is on the end of the spur on most of them. Normal?

Thorns on Apricot?

I just grafted Blenheim, so don’t have an answer specific for it, but I do have a bit of spur fruiting like this on Tilton and Nicole.


Do u leave the fruit with the ones on the end?


Yes, I do.


Right on the tip is unusual. Out on a spur with no leaves happens. But once the spur quits growing leaves it’s done setting flower buds. Apricot spurs do that sooner than sweet cherry or pluot.


Yes, that’s normal. Blenheim sets some fruit on spurs but most along branches. Like fruitnut says, the spurs are short lived and die out in a year or two.


Jennifer, here’s what my Blenheim looks like. I don’t see anything quite as dramatic as your fruits at the end of naked spurs, but somewhat similar setting behavior:


The Blenheim I have have a few on the trunk branches. They should be left there to ripen, no thinning needed.


Ya it’s just weird…they are all over the tree like that. Left them on…we’ll see what happens.


Jennifer, how leafed out is your Blenheim and how old is it? My Blenheim was planted I think in 2010, so going on 7 years in ground, now. Maybe this is more typical younger behavior? Can’t remember if my Blenheim did this in years past, but it is weird-looking, I agree! Heck, however we get fruit, I’m happy for that!

Patty S.



Planted at the beginning of 2014. Is on an ultra dwarf rootstock of unknown type (Big box special). Top of tree is still in flower while bottom is growing fruit. Just starting to leaf out…

Hopefully the fruit is good…so far has an awesome fruit set!