Blossoms in my orchard 2018

Buckets of Jonagold, same goes for the Montmorency, all other apples too, Italian plums, Bartlett pears, all peaches. Hopefully more netting will help!

Many blossoms have fallen off and the darned cat birds love eating them!


Mrs. G.,
The second pic, is that Pink Pearl or some red flesh apple variety? Pretty bloom color?


No that is the hot pink fleshed apple ‘Mott Pink’. The blossoms are beautiful. It produces many apples that are medium in size, but it is still one of the best tasting apples I have ever eaten. Sweet, tart, and crisp. I gave you scion! You will love it. It was on the no fly list for a while because it was deemed a ‘mite magnet’. With huge magnifying glass in hand I have watched it for six years now and no mite problems. Also, I spray😜

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Mrs. G.,

You gave me a lot of things. Thank you.

I just mixed your Mott Pink up with Pink Pearl. Sorry. I grafted over 30 apple varieties this year. A few of red flesh apples including Mott Pink, Pink Pearl, Pink Parfait, Scarlet Surprise and Redlove Calypso. Can’t wait to see their blooms in a few years.

You won’t be disappointed!

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I’ve been trying to find some of the Lubera Redlove apples in the US with no luck.

Where did you find the Redlove and are there others?


A friend gave it to me. He got it from his friend so I really don’t know where it came from. It is called Redlove Calypso. Even the wood is red. I grafted it two week ago. Just noticed this evening that it is taking.

Maybe, in a couple of years,it will grow enough for me to collect scionwood. Here’s its red leaves.

The list above are what I have grafted. I have one no name red flesh that someone said it could be Redfield but the description does not fit Redfield.