Blue vs black elder

Anyone growing both able to compare? I have heard blue is far tastier, just curious if that is true, and if blues have less “elder stink” as I am wondering if it is worth trying blues here in the Midwest too…

Great question!, I have also been curious about the western blue elderberry. I see burnt ridge carries them and was thinking of ordering some.

I’ve heard the blues were better tasting but won’t grow in my zone. i have both S. nigra and canadensis that grow well here. getting fruit is a dif. story.

I was in Seattle this week and decided I would try to find some blue elder. I found two today at a park and tasted some berries and grabbed several sections to try reading. The berries were a little tarter than regular elderberries but still fairly bland Raw off the bush. I was excited to bring them home but very very nearly missed my flight, and since I have no checked bags I threw them out rather than risk TSA holding me any longer :slightly_frowning_face:

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