Blueberries disease? Scale?

I have no idea what is on my young blueberry plant. I was unable to plant last year snd stored them I. Huge containers outside.
Please help identify. Should I cut all affected twigs off?

Better photo

Looks like one of the various “wooly” aphids. You could probably just start by wiping them off, or spraying them off with a hose. Ladybugs or wasps should eventually show up to keep them under control. Also check to see if ants are tending them. In that case, you’ll have to keep the ants off of your bushes with Tanglefoot or similar.


Are they purple when you squish them wwith your fingers?

I have not tried yet. Is that a sign of scale?

Look like woolly aphids.

Scales are little bumps on bark that sometimes look inconspicuous until they cover a larger area.


No, scale wouldn’t squish…they’re not soft…wooly aphids or a mildew seems like what you have.

So I can just wash them off?
How are you doing? I am excited for this year, lots of buds.

I read a post I think you were on about Captan use. This is just my second year with cherries, do you think I am safe to skip captan as it is not likely I will get much fruit? I HATE the idea of fly larva. SO GROSS. Here are my buds. All the spraying I have done is dormant spray and anti fungals. I need a solid schedule for next year. The Bud stages are confusing to me. Also the amounts to be mixed for such a small orchard is my big math problem. Here are some update photos. I would appreciate a your comments regarding massachusetts spraying.

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Oops! One of my fundraising posts got in there !!!

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You are talking about cherries, right?

We don’t have cherry fruit flies or SWD (yet) but we do have the usual suspects of PC, coddling moths, Oriental Fruit Moth,etc.

For cherries, I spray copper at dormant to discourage canker.

I spray delayed dormant of fungicide (Indar) dormant oil for other fruit trees and cherries got the mixture, too (usually it does not).

I spray myclobutanil (Immunox) at petal fall for cherry leave spot. My cherry gets it twice because I spray my apples twice for CAR, scab, sooty blotch and fly specs.

My bad, I forgot about brown rot. It’s serious issue. Myclobutanil does not really work. I have switch to Indar. If you can find Indar, you can use propiconazole (Bonide Infuse) for brown rot on cherries and other stone fruit.

The rest for cherries is bird prevention. I keep my cherry tree 5 ft tall in an umbrella shape so it is easy to cover.

Bird scare tape esp. the shiny silver, (incandescent ?) is helping but you should not put up too soon. Netting is best. Keep you cherry short is the key.