Blueberries turning pink on exposed areas

I noticed that this happened a few times when the weather was windy and some temperature drop. Some of the younger fruit shrivel and drop off, while more mature fruits holds on. Any idea what the issue is?

Sunshine blue and Southmoon

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Might be mummy berry. I get this on my high bush blueberries. check out its mention in the Sunshine Blue link below:
Blueberry maggot and cherry fruit worm may attack the fruit. Mummy berry is a fungal disease that causes the berries to shrivel and drop.

In my case, blueberries turn pink, look like they are ripening, then shrivel and fall off. Berries mummify to a speck on the ground only to reinfect again next year. Cultural control is to rake up debris under plants and replace mulch each year. This has proved too labor intensive for my 30 bushes, so I have resorted to ziram or indar as chemical control.

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I haven’t noticed any mummy like berries. All my berry plants see this issue and on the same day, which makes me think that this is some weather related issue. Only the small (under developed) berries shrivel and drop (but still nothing like a mummy berry).