Blueberry burnt leaf symptom

The blueberry on the left was very slightly yellowish compared to the right when I bought them a month or so ago. Then just today, it turned into this basically within a day it seemed like. The leaves look like they’re on fire. Any ideas?

I did a soil test and got 5-5.5 PH. The soil was “moist” according to my moisture meter probe but both plants looked a bit wilted last night so I watered both this morning. This photo was taken 8pm this eve.

How hot has it been for you?

Is it possible the bushes are not acclimated to full sun?

Might they be in a pot that is causing them to be root bound?

Have you been watering regularly or is that just recently?


Hopefully it’s not Bacterial Leaf Scorch.Here is an article about that.Under Symptoms,there are other possible conditions that could cause the leaves appearance.


Could be they had been in shade and got moved to a sun location…also could be that for a spell they didn’t get enough moisture. Doesn’t look like a disease I’ve observed before.

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