Blueberry Fruit Buds


I change my blueberry pruning to mostly after harvest time this season hoping to improve my production and size of the berries. It might take a couple of years to know if what I’m doing helps. Took a few pictures of the buds today.
100_4088 Pink Lemonade100_4092 Oneal100_4081 Climax100_4093 Star

100_4090 Primadonna


Those are fat little babies for sure. I hope they don’t “hatch” prematurely. I’ve got a few already flowered in the greenhouse but most seem behind yours.

I hope you get a big crop…!!




I hate it when that happens! Unfortunately, it seems to happen more often in my area of 7B. The buds in the picture are more mature than my buds. We just had two 6 degree nights in a row with more to come, so I’m anxious to see how many buds were damaged.


Some cultivars want to double crop. That trait was isolated and enhanced in Sweetheart. Billed as a double cropper, and now Perpetua is being released.

I wonder if these types have secondary latent fruit buds? Or just have the ability to form new fruit buds?

Seems like some conditions bring out this second flowering, or growing buds. I don’t have any rabbiteye. Southerns tend to flower in the fall here, and buds are large. Northerns never do, and buds are small. At least here.