Blueberry highbush growing

Hi, my soil is very alkaline so I have to grow blueberries in pots. I use special acidic potting soil and also fertilize every April with a specific Blueberry fertilizer and pellets that acidify the soil.

I have no idea what the soil ph level is, and have read extensively that using one of those ph testers is a complete waste of money and time.

This year all the 7 blueberry plants did not create new canes in the Spring. I had a very good crop of blueberries from all the plants. After the bluberries were harvested, about half the plants started creating new canes in Sptember. It’s too late in the season for the new canes to grow to a decent size.

What causes the canes to not grow in the Spring but to start way too late in the season? Thanks

I grow in 270 gallon totes cut in half. Soil was originally 100% peat but I have added pine bark to top off the totes for years Soil and water both about 7.9 pH. I have found the Blue labs soil pH pen to be very helpful-= though not cheap. I add ammonium sulphate once or twice a year according to pen measurements. When I first got the pen I found I had the pH in some boxes way too low and some not near low enough.

I suspect if your plants are a healthy green or grey depending on variety, the canes will come. Some of my varieties chose to be small twiggy things for two or three years before sending up strong canes.

not sure what zone you are in but honeyberries and serviceberries are much less picky about soil ph and are similar to blueberries.

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We have the wild canadiensis juneberries and love them. You can taste the sweet rose essence

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Other years, all the plants had strong cane production. They are all about 7 years old now.

The leaves are all dark green and the berry production was outstanding. I don’t know what to do to increase cane production in the Spring

I’m in Northern Italy, zone 9A. I can’t get those honey or service berries

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so you must be growing rabbiteyes then?

Highbush in pots. They’re about 5 ft high right now including the pots

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wow. i didnt think northern highbush grew in such a warm zone.

how big do they get in your area. biggest here ive seen is 20ft. imagine its the Canadian saskatoon growing here but i havent confirmed.

20’ here too. They branches bend easily, so I can get the ones up high

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Hi, I think the map I was looking at had Northern and Southern Italy backwards. I think I’m in zone 8 (brown) according to this map. Italy - Plant Hardiness Zone - A Gardeners Forum

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What is the highest zone where you can grow high bush?

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Depends on the variety, but blue crop, duke, blue ray can handle z5 easily, maybe 4b, depending on how windy. Consider a hybrid like patriot, northland, etc. Use bucket to sit on to pick. Take a look at degrandchamps catalog as they in Z6a/b

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I live in zone 8a now, moved here a couple years ago and I am getting conflicting reads about what can grow here. Chill hours are different from New Jersey and Virginia. I seem to be on the bubble for growing fruit that need a certain amount of time chill. Cherry trees are one company says you can grow them and the next company says no. I am getting older and really don’t have time to trial fruit trees. I live along the Atlantic Ocean 8a and wondering if someone else lives near by , please chime in

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Pull them out of the pot and see if your roots are to packed. Constricted roots will often slow growth and encourage fruiting. May just need to up pot.

Hartmanns in lacota, muchigan has warmer zone blues too


Wouldn’t that apply year round? The canes don’t start in the Spring, but do eventually start in Autumn

The late canes could be the symptoms. In the end it’s just a guess though. If the roots are packed I would start with that.

My pots are 50cm, which equates to 19.7"…what size do you recommend? The 60cm size will cost me $20 each. Do I constantly have to increase the size? Can I ever stop increasing?