Blueberry leaf curl Need advice please!

Hi, so my blueberry leaves are curling. They look healthy and the flowers came out nice. Do I need to worry? Is this a sign of something? Thanks for any feedback or advice!

I am new to growing and I grow on a balcony.

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum!

As a person who is new to growing, you have chosen a plant that is somewhat challenging to grow, even for more experienced growers. Add to that growing it in a container and on a balcony really adds 2 more levels of difficulty.

That being said I think that you may have a reasonable chance of success if you are willing to put in the time to learn about the demands of this plant.

I don’t think that anyone can give you a definitive reason why those leaves are curling based on the picture. The plant may be perfectly healthy. My first thought is that it may not be getting adequate sunlight. It should get at a bare minimum 4 hours of direct sunlight, a full day is recommended for best production. It may survive on less but will have weak spindly growth and low production.

A few other notes to keep in mind:

Blueberries should be planted in an acidic medium such as azalea potting mix. Due to their unusual root system most blueberry cultivars will eventually decline and die in any planting medium that has basic pH. If you bought this plant already potted by a nursery you should be OK. However, most municipal water supplies are formulated to be somewhat alkaline to keep the city’s pipes from corroding. Over time this alkaline water will raise the pH of the soil in the root zone and inhibit nutrient uptake in the root system, possibly killing the plant. You will need to keep the pH acidic for long term success.

The search function on this site (as well as Google) will offer you a lot of reading material to become more familiar with this plant’s particular needs.

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Dans info is spot on. If you tell us more about how you have cared for them up to now you will help everyone get you some possible answers.

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Could you check inside those curled leaves and verify that there isn’t a caterpillar pupating in there?

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Thanks for the welcome and responses!

I checked under the leaves and no caterpillars, however i do see a couple of black aphid flies around the soil. Are aphids a problem for blueberries?

My patio is south facing, however I may try turning the plant to see if the leaves change on one side or another. Perhaps only one side is getting enough sun.

I also just re-potted last fall and used a mixture of peat, sheep manure, with wood chips on top.

As the pot is self watering, I only water when I feel the soil is no longer moist 1 inch down.

Is there a way to check the pH of the soil?The leaves look healthy in the photo,so they probably are getting iron,but it’s good to know what it is.
Also,I’ve never heard of using sheep manure for them.Could it be too high salt content? Brady

From what I have read sheep manure is fine and a good slow release for nutrients.

I don’t really have a PH tester. Might look into this, I only have 2 plants.

Got some more info! Something is eating it. bb1

The flowers are being eaten and under the leaves and on stems there are these little droplets.


any suggestions on what I can do?

Try to catch the culprit in the act. Brady

Use an insecticide for fruit. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew is an organic spray. It would be nice to know exactly what it is, this should will help, but may not as we don’t know what insect. Spray in the evening so you don’t kill any bees.
They make a ready to use versions if you do not have a tank sprayer.

It could be birds. Birds eating flower petals are not uncommon. Just a guess, though.

I think I have figured it out. I believe I have aphids and a bird attacked my flowers at one point. What can I do about the aphids?

One or two bushes in pots? Just squish them with your fingers or sprays soapy water on the trees. Are you sure they are aphids?

They are the black flying aphids. I have been trying to kill them one by one. But I see them in my soil.

Usually insecticide soap or all seasons oil can be used for aphids. Spray as often as label says you can till gone.