Blueberry seedlings

I’m trying to grow blueberries from seed. I’ve had the seeds on stratification for a couple of months. Seeds planted in soil, on top of soil and on top of soil with perlite on top and the result: nothing!

I’ve got a new batch of seeds now (it might’ve been something wrong with my old ones). How long do you recommend I’ll keep them in the fridge and what’s the best alternative afterwards?

I usually don’t have any problems with seedlings from other type of fruits. Maybe I’ve done something bad to the blueberry gods…

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Just give them time. I have a few i’ve grown from seed. What i did was put seed in a baggie of peat moss (the seed are tiny)…then one day i noticed green inside the baggie and potted them up (i think i had the baggie in the garage in the springs/summer–out of the sun, but warm’ish). Make sure its moist. I’ll dig around if i have and see if i have any pics. I just kept seed from some huge blueberries i had bought–so who knows what will come of the plants.


Thanks! Well, for me, the fun part is to se how they turn out. The unknown is always exiting with seedlings.

If i remember…i had pretty much written them off thinking they wouldn’t sprout and then they did…i want to say it was sometime in June when i finally saw growth. Another notoriously slow sprouter for me is paw paw seed.

Ok… I’ll need to wait a few months then before I give up.