Bluecrop Blueberry Plants

Anyone have this variety? I love the berries but after pruning a row of these yesterday I’m thinking about removing them due to lack of vigor and growth. They did pretty well the first few years but now going into their 7th growing season…they had very few new canes and very lackluster fruit bud development. The other 4 varieties that I have…Northland, Patriot, Jersey & Elliott look great in comparison. We do a U-Pick operation so I can’t afford to have 20% of my field not producing berries up to snuff.

Any comments or suggestions?

Nutrient demands are the usual cause of what you describe. Have you tried putting compost on them to improve the root systems?

Bluecrop was popular back in the 80’s the best I recall. IMO, there are much better varieties to grow.


Far from an expert, but, I’ve had a number of Blue Crop and Northland for several years and I also have seen much more vigor from the Northland.

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I will try that. Thanks.

Yeah…7 years later there are some really pathetic plants out there. Maybe is should just accept that this variety is not for this patch of Earth and/or climate.

I habe Blueray and Bluecrop. Ive lost the tags and Im unsure which is which. One has grown mich more vigorously but has smaller tarter berries. The other hasnt not grown tjat well but produces much better berries. Maybe its bluecrop.