Blushingstar, is it Starkbro issue

This was a premier tree (at least I paid for) sent to me in Nov. 2019 from Starkbro. All the branches were downwards. I could not select any of the branches as scaffold so I let it grow one more season, 2020. Now it is time for me to select scaffold, I hope 3~4, but I look at the tree, only the branch on the right I normally would select. The branches on the left side has good crutch angle start out with but there are two big beaches grew out of it. If I cut one off, will this branch able to hold fruit weight? That branches (as well as the top branch ) just seems too thick (compare to the truck ) to be selected as scaffolds.

Does your Blushingstar exhibit similar growth issues? Or the tree was on wrong rootstock, somehow mismatched in the process? Here is the picture

Another one

Here’s s link that might be helpful:

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I prefer1/3 or less the trunk size but this tree seems refused to grow smaller branches

I know it can be frustrating when there seem to be few scaffolds to select from a new nursery tree.

However, it is possible to select downward growing scaffolds. First clip them back to a few live buds close to the trunk. Then let those sprout and pick one growing slightly up. If there are none growing up, or growing up too vertically, then tie them up with a stake, or pull them down and tie them down with a stake.

It’s a bit of a tough situation now. The tree is a year older and the older they get, the less they act like a young tree.

The scaffold on the right side is too large in reference to the trunk. I would have pruned that off in the spring of 2020. With that large scaffold gone, the tree probably would have diverted more energy in the the lower smaller scaffolds, or possibly formed some new scaffolds by adventitious shoots.

Of course I’m not trying to point out any mistakes I haven’t made myself. It’s a continual learning experience for sure.


Oplea, thanks for replying , you know what I am talking about. The branches on the left (in blue circle) are even bigger. They grow from a downwards branch. That branch didn’t just grow one new branch but two branches from same position sideby side to different direction (you can see from second picture). I headed its central leader last year but it insists on grow thick and fewer branches

You might gain a little help by cutting the largest two branches in the blue circle (leaving the more downward growing branch). From that downward least vigorous branch, you may be able to select some weaker shoots to try to grow your scaffold on that side of the tree.

It’s still going to be an uphill battle with that scaffold because the part where it attaches to the trunk is so large, relative to the trunk size. Because of it’s large attachment point, it will always want to pull a lot of energy/vigor, but it will help some to prune it back.

I would probably wait till the three starts greening up before I made such aggressive pruning cuts, just to make sure there is no cold stress on the tree after you prune.

If the tree does send out some new adventitious shoots after the major pruning, I’d get rid of that whole scaffold altogether and grow some new scaffolds from the adventitious shoots.

Just make sure you do that pruning with plenty of summer left to start to callus the large wound left over.

You are right. I am debating getting ride of the branch on the top, which is almost as big as the main trunk and just make this tree Y shape( only2 scaffolds). Otherwise I have to Vigousely prune this tree to balance the energy distribution