Bob Purvis 2023

Did anyone order from Bob this season?I sent him an email,requesting availability of some varieties.He replied that he’d get back to me,but didn’t.
I hope everything is okay.

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I communicated with him sometime early in the year, all was good as of then. Maybe your email got misplaced.

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I purchased plum and apricot…He delivered March 20. I spoke on the phone with him and he sounded fine…

I got scions earlier this year.

didn’t get anything from him because 100% of his scions last year took and grew, no need to try again. hoping he’s still doing it next year


I got stuff from him this year. Everything seemed good.

Okay,thanks for the replies.The name on the email heading reply was Connie,but answered and signed by Bob.


Likewise. My tentative ship date is 5/8, probably week of. Haven’t chatted since i placed the order though. First time ordering, but all replies sounded like he was on top of his stuff.

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