Bob Wells First Time Order Review

Think I found my new home. Thanks @BobVance. Nicely packaged in two very large boxes. 6 foot Korean Giant and 5 foot Giant Fuyu in maybe 3-4 gal pots. The pics are not clear, but the trees are pretty good size. Near total defoliation and pots banged a little from shipping, but it is late in the season and they will be fine. I am so impressed that I am putting in another order before the sale ends.


Check the trunks carefully before you plant. I got a pluot from them and it had alot of trunk canker. My brother picked it up for me, and he wouldn’t been able to tell, but had been the one to pick it up, I would have rejected the plant then and there. That tree’s dead, fyi.

I saw some questionable area around the graft union, but I have seen many problems go away just by planting and letting grow.

I ordered a coffee cake persimmon and a stark saturn peach from them in late june. Persimmon was fine but the peach looked sickly. Japanese beatles almost decimated the peach, followed by deer eating most of the leaves. Somehow it came back to life better then ever. I wish i had before and after pics because the tree looked like death when i first got it.

Have now bought 10 trees from them since this post. They continue to impress. I’m now at the point that the only reason to shop anywhere else is if BW does not have it. I have been cleaning house on their half off sale (@BobVance you alerted me to them at the perfect time).